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Tammie Bussiere, Dr. Ac

Doctor of Acupuncture





  • Diploma of Acupuncture

  • Reiki Master

  • Member in good standing with College of Acupuncturists of Alberta


  • Electro-acupuncture

  • Cupping

  • Gua sha

  • Moxibustion

  • Blood-letting

A Bit About Me

Tammie Bussiere is a practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), licensed in Alberta and nationally certified. Tammie is focused on creating a welcoming and secure environment where people can discover their own innate strength to heal and move forward.  Acupuncture and TCM are based on the ideology of individualized Holistic Health, encompassing the body, mind and spirit and the environment in which we live. 


At the age of 16, she was in a horrible accident which landed her in the hospital and confined her to a bed for two months, this is where she decided her calling was to help others.  Tammie has worked in acute care for most of her healthcare career as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.  Assisting others with their physical rehabilitation, so they could return home to enjoy a fulfilling life.  

At the age of 52, she was diagnosed with cancer and lost many members of her family to the disease. It was then she decided on becoming an Acupuncturist and a TCM practitioner, a holistic approach in the care of others.  While on her own health journey, she relied heavily on the saying “PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION” and still lives by this mantra.  

Tammie looks forward to supporting her clients where they are at and creating a patient-practitioner relationship that relies on the needs, wisdom, and insights of both parties.

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